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Jeffery | Co-Founder & Brand Director

Sharon | Co-Founder & Art Director

Jenny | Production Manager

固定款式囍帖 Template Design Invitation Card 


We provide Engagement Party Invitations, Ceremony, Reception, RSVP / Save the Dates, Banquet Information Cards / Location Map, Thank You Cards and After Party invites! We have different style invitations: Chinese Style, Western Style, Childhood Memory Style, Canteen-style Restaurants Style etc, over 200+ template style!  

訂制你們囍帖 Custom Made 

如在固定款式中找不到喜歡的, 不要緊 , 我們提供為你們度身訂製的囍帖 

說出你們的故事給我們聽 , 我們專業的設計師 就能夠將你們的故事放在囍帖中


If you cannot find one favourite invitations in our standard collection, nevr mind you can made your own custom made style, contact us for more details!

百日宴同生日卡 Baby shower / Birthday Card




And we have Baby Shower, Baby Announcement Cards, Birthday Party Invitations, 100 days Celebrations Invitations! Over 30+ style and more to come! 

地圖卡及愛的宣言 Wedding Map/Love Speech

我們可以為你提供各區教堂或註冊處的地圖, 無論是邀請咭, 觀禮咭或喜帖

都能把地圖加在上去, 令賓客更易找到目的地!詳情按此



其他活動邀請卡 Events Invitations


We also provide Events Invitations and Graduation Invitations etc, contact us for more detail! 

一般尺寸 Standard Size

愛的宣言 Love Speech

問。答 Q & A

尺寸 Print Size:15.5 cm x 9 cm

規格:雙面 / 過啞膠 / 粉咭300gm

尺寸 Print Size:15.2 cm x 10.1 cm

規格:雙面 / 過啞膠 / 粉咭300gm

300g both sides coated board

High quality, full-color, printing on both sides





*We have different envelopes for you! Check here to find out more!​  

標準尺寸 Standard Size: A3(420 x 297mm) 


物料:  Foamboard / 雙面印刷 Print on both sides

啞膠 Matt Lamination / 光膠 Glossy Lamination 








A 不可以,我們暫只做公司內部產品印刷。

Q Do you print other people's designs? 
A No, we only print our own designs.    


​Q 喜帖印刷出來的顏色和電腦上看的不同?

A 實際的顏色可能與電腦顯示的顏色有些微差距,按實際印刷出來的顏色為準。

My wedding card doesn't look like what I see on-screen, what happened? 

A All computer screens and printers are different so colors you see on-screen may not exactly match what you print out.

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