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We love pets! HeyHeyCard offers custom watercolor pet portrait in digital or print (frame is included) format, you can further print the art on any desired item such as mug or canvas! In addition, our artists offer custom hand-lettering service for your message as well! How cool is that?

Today we share Jeffery's order — this gift is for Jeffery’s mum on her birthday. the ordering process is easy and convenient, simply follow few steps and the product will be arrived within a month safe and sound!

1. Choose some favorite picture of your pet, high resolution is preferable in order to capture the detail.

2. After reviewing the photo, we will start painting according to your idea.

3. Upon completion of the portrait, we will email you a picture of the finished portrait (please note that three complimentary rounds of revision are included, it cost up to USD10 for each additional round)

4. Three complimentary rounds of revision are included. (Each additional round of revisions is up to USD$10 per round)

5. After the final revisions, we will send you the printed canvas with a white frame OR Files in .jpg / pdf format*. (We can print on postcard and mug, etc.)

The shipping cost will be different based on the delivery address, you might contact our colleague for more details. Our standard size is *A4 (*or you can order custom size) with a white frame. We will use watercolor painting on 300gs watercolor paper and scan it on the computer and print it on canvas. That’s it!

If you want to share your experience with HeyHeyCard, please send us an email and we will contact you!

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