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National Eat Your Vegetable Day! It is our pleasure to have Polly sharing some “non-guilty-food-tips” for our bride-to-be!

When the big day is coming close, it is inevitably getting all those negativities at once, anxious, nervous and even depressed, etc.

These emotions are what lead up to unwanted health as people tend to indulge themselves with comfort-food (mostly junk food) when they want to get rid of their tightened nerves.

But the truth is, intake of too much unhealthy food not only fail to deliver the nourishment we need, but also wrecking us physically and mentally.So you might feel baffling about the

balance in between food enjoyment and health concern, no worries , because you can always nourish yourself with delicious foods that are made of healthy!

For instance, everyone knows cheese is a great contributor of fat growth but people still say it is the hardest thing to give up, then why not turn it into a plant-based cheese with whole food ingredient!

This raw vegan cheese contains various nutritions, it will rather make you feel

delightful than guilty of what you ate. you can’t wander through the jungle without a map and expect to reach your destination, so below you find a simple raw vegan cheese recipe, easy to nourish yourself in a healthy way, cheers!


2 red pepper

350g raw cashew nuts

2 tea spoon salt

5 tablespoon nutritional yeast

2 tablespoon lemon juice


Step 1

Simply put all the ingredient into

a mixer and grind it until smooth

and creamy

Step 2

Spread it on the toast and add

handful of mix seed to make it

more crispy or take the cheese as a

dipping for the nachos.

*you might find the nutritional

yeast through the link below







We hope you enjoy the simple raw vegan cheese recipe If you have any suggestions or ideas about our blog please write to us! We love to hear from you!

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