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Welcome to HeyHeyWorld


Our heyhey wedding collection has mainly four different styles, all is a ready-made service with designs existed for you to choose from.




Paper - Standard 250gsm paper or you can find out more here












Stripe Textured 240G / Mingle 240G (White) / Snow Pearl 260G / Snow Light 260G (Silver Pearl)

Standard Size - 16.5 x 10.5 cm / 9 x 15 cm / 21 x 9.9 cm




*Please noted that Different kind of fancy cards present different printing effect and color base on the texture or grain of the paper.
*The printing on the stripe grain paper (Stripe Textured and Mingle) horizontally or vertically without a specific orientation

*Die-cutting need to add two working days (Complicated Die-Cutter add three working days)

*Foil Stamping / Embossing add three working days

*We offer rush order and shipping upgrades.





We have a different style in our collection: Vintage | Modern | Formal | Rustic | Floral and more






Western Style

Chinese Style

We made the traditional Chinese red, Bride yellow and Gold colors style invitation modern and stylish.