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Things to do at home (Time Is Not Wasted)


Even if we are at home, don't forget that there are online classes, music, and workout online. Here we find X things to do at home for you!


1) Premiere Performances of Hong Kong 飛躍演奏香港

While we wait for Hong Kong's venues to re-open, we hope you will join us in our digital concert hall to re-live some of our favorite concerts!


2) Rick Hale Music

Enjoy the pop-rock-jazz with Rick online!

3) Paste Magazine

Find tens of thousands of live performance videos at


1) Pure Yoga Official Page

Get up and go check our daily 360 LIVE schedule with our family of Pure Yoga Teachers, Pure Fitness Personal Trainers and group instructors livestreaming. Stay active and strong with us online! Share the joy of the good vibes you get from exercise and yoga with friends and family!!

Pure Fitness Official

2) Yoga with Kassandra

From 10 minutes to a 1-hour yoga class you can join with Kassandra.

3) Coffee林芊妤



1) The Online Piano & Violin Tutor with Alison

Alison's share piano and violin tutor online on her Youtube Channel.

2) eHow

Mike and Allegra share fun DIY stuff to do at home.


From basic steps to hip hop, robot, and popping dance, you can find the tutorial here!

to be continued

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